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Re: PC: modeling PC

>I like the idea of bringing back the lightning stripes.  My friend and I
>model in the late 70's.  He also models all the predicessors of CR, he
>has done a EL C
>44-9W (which can be seen on the EL homepage) we have tried
>to put the stripes on a AC4000 but, have not come to sucess as of yet.
I just had a friend paint a Boston and Maine C44-9W in minuteman maroon &
gold, but that's a horse of a different color :-).

There is a definite trend toward "would be" paint schemes.  Even MR will
publish photos now.  Some things, like mega horsepower wide cabs, are just
too irresistible.

As much as I like to model PC, a black Dash-9 with worms seems a bit bland.
Perhaps we could come up with a new PC paint scheme all together.  Surely
there would be one if PC were still alive today.


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