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Re: PC: Modeling PC

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I am not old enough to remember the Pennsy or the Central...I don't 
really remember PC all that well either.  

All I can really remember was seeing various paint schemes in and around 
Pittsburgh during the mid to late 1970s. I remember black GP40s leading 
freights through the North Side of Pittsburgh (most of this area has 
since been redeveloped).

I remember seeing PC coal trains on the ex-Waynesburg & Washington (This 
line later became part of the Monongahela Railway, now part of Conrail).  
Every night, I'd stand on great-grandma's porch, and watch the long 
strings of black hopper cars pass by.

Most of these images are now gone...But many are still preserved on the 
PC home page.  I know of at least 2 hopper cars still somewhere in the 
Waynesburg area.

One other thing I've noticed, is that the PC, even today still gets a 
bad rap from the magazines.  An article in MR recently slammed the PC 
because of the images that a solid black paint scheme brings to mind.

I model the PC during the 1970s.  However, I've taken a different 
approach.  I've decided to model it as if it had continued...I may even 
bring back NYC's famous 'Lightning Stipe' paint scheme!

Any other ideas?

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