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PC: Engineer class

Anyone on the PC Mailing list a qualified engineer?



A class of engineers will be starting on 29 Sept. Cutoff for applications 
is 19 Sept.
They have 20 retirements coming up to cover.
Resume's to  BC Rail Employment
                     Box 8770 Vancouver
Attn: Anne Kendall
Fax 604-984-5471
File # 44-RCC-97
Qualifications: 21 Yrs old
                         18 months conductor experience

They only got one guy who passed the selection for the wide open national 
one just held. So, he got a quick shake & bake course and has been 
confined to Fort Nelson Yard until everyone is ready to go on the road.


Kim & Adrian Telizyn
4-10716 98th St
Ft St John, BC

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