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Re: PC: Why model PC?

I, too, am often asked about my interest in the Penn Central, and can probably add a different perspective to the positives that Philip Kuhl mentioned.  

I grew up in Altoona during that era, so the PC was a way of life.  It was the means that put food on the table for my family and most of our relatives.  In my case, the PC even helped me financially through college (The Frank Thompson scholarship program, started in the PRR era, and continued by the PC).  So I see the PC from a different perspective than most, in that I owe some of who I am to its existance.  As to whether things would have turned out differently without the merger, etc., well....What happened happened.

Anyway, I agree that Jerry is on the mark.  Featuring the PC in my railroad modeling brings back memories of personal experiences that further adds to the fun of the hobby.  Of course, the mix-n-match of equipments and livery doesn't hurt either, to keep the hobby from stagnating.

Carl Haslett

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