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Re: PC: Why model PC?

My first trip to Altoona was in May 1978. There were all kinds of locos
there from four different manufacturers (usual EMD and GE, Alco RS-3,and
an ex-Reading Baldwin (9307?) in CR paint as well as ex-PC, EL, RDG
and CNJ. I wish I had a better camera than my crummy Kodak 110 at the

>From late '76 to at least late '77 one could see unrepainted PC units, and
renumbered RDG and EL units showing up in the Boston area. Not long after,
older diesels began to disappear. 

My decision to model PC from its beginning to its end allows me to cover a
wide range of locomotives, from NH Alcos to any other equipment which ran
on specific eastern MA lines from the late 60's to mid-'76. I spent a lot
of time taking pictures of PC equipment in 1976-77 (my freshman undergrad
year). I am sure that my studies suffered accordingly.....


On Fri, 12 Sep 1997 LAKINSA -AT- AXP.CALUMET.PURDUE.EDU wrote:

> I model CR in July of '78.  Some people ask me why do I model at this time.
> I like the mix-match of engines, PC, EL, RDG, LV and, early blue repaints line
> the engine terminals. Also the different builders of locomotives; Alco, EMD,
> GE and a hand full of Baldwins fill the rosters.  At the other end of the train

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