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Re: PC: Modeling PC

>MARK & CYNTHIA wrote:
>It must be a red team green team thing that nobody wants to admit that 
>the PC ever existed.  It was a great rr that should be paid more 
>attention to, besides it was the main rr for CR.

I don't really think it's a Red or Green Team issue, although I am very much
a Green Team member myself!  I think the issue is that the PC existed for a
very short time (eight years only!) compared to its predecessors, and for
most of that time it was bankrupt.  Further, those of us old enough to have
gone through the PC years in their entirety can't help but have said in
those days "Look what this awful new company has done to my wonderful
Central!"  (or, if you are a Red Teamer, "my wonderful Pennsy!")  This, even
though the NYC and PRR were, on 31 January 1968, ghosts of their former
selves.  Also, PC wasn't known for public innovations -- even the Empire
Service in New York State and the Metroliners between New York and
Washington originated as NYC and PRR ideas.  Not even classy paint schemes.
All this, I believe, is what has combined to make PC a bit of a stepchild
among some railfans, not to say disliked by many.

OK - that's the negative.  Let's aim for some positive!  Would any of you on
the list care to share what you think were PC's positive aspects?  I'd be
particularly interested in what some of the younger members of the list
(those who are too you to have experienced any/much of the PC when it was
around) find appealing about PC.

And Jerry is right on the mark, in my opinion, in that more people will be
modeling the PC and PC-era railroads as they try to highlight a favorite
time of their youth.  That's why in my model railroad room you will find The
Road to The Future; more specifically, The Water Level Route -- You Can
Sleep!  (Pity them poor Red Teamers who keep falling out of their Pullman
berths as their Tuscan Red trains go up and down mountains, while those of
us riding the Great Steel Fleet glide up the Hudson and along the Erie Canal
and the Great Lakes in peaceful slumber!)

Philip.Kuhl -AT- ping.be

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