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Re: PC: Why model PC?

> I model CR in July of '78.  Some people ask me why do I model at this time.
> I like the mix-match of engines, PC, EL, RDG, LV and, early blue repaints line
> the engine terminals. Also the different builders of locomotives; Alco, EMD,
> GE and a hand full of Baldwins fill the rosters.  At the other end of the train
> cabooses from all the the roads that formed Big Blue.  Modeling at this time
> is sort of hard for me. I was a mere lad of eleven months at this time.
> Railfanning and modeling only have come to me in the last eight years.  But, I
> do rember some things, Porter Tower, and cabooses.  I have only recently
> started to notice the heretiage of the equipment that rolls by on its way to
> Chicago or to far off points to the east.
> Now 60M's, dash8's pull the trains that once were handled by GP's.  F40's
> replaceing the mighty Hudsons.  What Happened to this?
> I whould like to thank all of you who are keeping the worm alive in my heart
> and my mind.
> Seth Lakin
> Chesterton IN
> MP 481 on the New York Central Chicago main.

To All

Seth has hit it on the head,  the late seventies was the best time for railfanning.  
Thats what modeling is all about, tring to recreate what we have seen in real life or 
have read.  I model the PC for the simple facts that 1)if you plan on modeling any 
eastern railroad, you have to include the PC because they were everywhere and had a 
connection with just about every railroad in every town.  2)They were a great 
railrod(i.e. bad track, every diesel model in the catolog on the roster, and the only 
railroad to lose or misplace boxcars. 3)Such a god awful color on their freight cars.
I was a little older when PC went to the RIP track, but was fortunate to see some of the 
operation first hand, but I remember CR more vividly.  It was a great time for railfans 
and I'm going to try and recreate it on my Detroit Eastern as much as possible.

long live the PC

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