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PC: Modeling PC

diesel detail projects by Jim Six.  Most of these articles were on 
Conrail loco's,  but some were done on PC, READING, and the EL.  If I 
can find the issues I'll reply with the dates and the title of the 

     Model Railroader has compiled several of their best diesel detailing
projects into two informative softcover books.  The articles provide all
the necessary info. to kitbash and superdetail locomotives with very
helpful illustrations of the finished product.
     Diesel Detailing Projects Vol. 1 
            Conrail B23-7
     Modeling and Detailing Diesels Vol. 2
            An article on the Cresson (Horseshoe Curve) helper pool by Jim
             PC/CR SD40
             PC/CR SD45
             PC/CR GP40 / GP40-2
             CR GP15-1 

     Volume Two is certainly worth the $16.95. The coverage of the
Cresson helper pool and how to model it (by Jim Six) spans 36 pages.
For information on how to obtain a copy go to the MR web site.  
Bob Holzweiss
"Robert.Holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov"

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