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Re: PC: Modeling PC

> I hope this will further your determination on modeling the mighty PC.
> It must be a red team green team thing that nobody wants to admit that
> the PC ever existed.  It was a great rr that should be paid more
> attention to, besides it was the main rr for CR.

Personally, I think you'll be seeing more people modeling PC, EL, and
the 1960's-1970's time frame as time goes on, simply because there
will be more people who want to remember that time from their childhood
or teenage years. The guys in my railroad club tell me that the only
reason I like PC so much is that I didn't live through it. OK, so 
maybe I was a toddler when the PC disappeared, but, so..... :-) 

BTW, I plan on compiling all the article listings from this thread
and including them in the modeling section on the PC web site for
future reference......when I get the time....


Jerry W. Jordak               The boxcars and flatbeds, whistle blowin' steam
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http://prozac.cwru.edu/jer/   Now those big trains don't come anymore
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