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Re: PC: Modeling PC

> Eben_Corbiere -AT- infinium.com wrote:
> >
> > Does anyone know of any article in MR, RMC, etc. dealing with modeling PC
> > and/or it's equipment?  I have the last two years of MR and various back
> > issues dating to 1989 and not seen a single thing on PC.  I know there are
> > as many anti-PC fans as there are PC fans (perhaps more), but there must be
> > some articles dating back to the '70s?
> >
> > BTW, I just noticed the only PC diesel models in any of the mags I have.
> > Page 77 of the August '90 MR has a shot of the HO scale Pasadena Model
> > Railroad Club roundhouse with 4 PC units on one of the shop tracks.  Looks
> > like they are all stock production models, a F9 with red P (?), U-Bout
> > (Athearn U28C?), a GP38 or GP40 (Atlas), and another unidentifiable hood
> > unit.
> >
> > Eben
> OK, here is a list of articles that i could find, I thought there was more but I couldn't find them.

All articles are in Model Railroading.

April and May 92        Cresson Helper pool(article about CR but with 
                                            some PC stuff included)

July 93                  Penn Central F-7's

later issue(not sure of date)      PRR SD-40's with some PC stuff 

I hope this will further your determination on modeling the mighty PC.
It must be a red team green team thing that nobody wants to admit that 
the PC ever existed.  It was a great rr that should be paid more 
attention to, besides it was the main rr for CR.

long live the PC

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