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Re: PC: DL in Braintree 9/8/97

> What's the DL stand for?  How about Dinosaur Locomotive!  Actually, it's
> Delaware Lackawanna Alco RS-36 #5019, ex-D&H.  I have this from the highway
> and thought I must be seeing things.  How could it be a locomotive in D&H
> blue & grey?  When I got up close, I found it was lettered for Delaware
> Lackawanna spelled out on the side and "DL" in the yellow shield.  Paint is
> in new condition.  This locomotive has strayed from it's home in Scranton,
> PA (according to the Surviving Alco RS- and S- web site).

Why didn't you ask me? It has been sitting in my home for two months doing
a little bit of testing work.  It was leased through the QBT and came up
the same week that I went to Steamtown.. Being stationed in Abington by
the maintaintence faculity in Abington, everyone in the area has taken
many photos of it.

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