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Re: PC: Questions

>From my recollection, there was a jade green color and a darker green
color. Would this result from a difference in the shop that did the

 On Tue, 9 Sep 1997, Jim Hebner wrote:

> Question one
> We talked about this a while back, but did not explore this
> issue - was there more than one shade of PC green.
> I am sure I have seen PC cars painted in what must have been
> left over NYC jade green.
> But in looking at shots of PC cabooses in the same frame of
> film, it seems like there may have been two shades of PC
> green (discounting NYC green). Or is it just bad weathering?
> Question two
> does anyone have shots that might show a wood deck on the
> N6a/N9 cabooses? I have several shots that hint at that. I
> have also seen a print reference to wood decks. The wood may
> have been replaced when then propane tanks where removed.

I was on a transfer caboose once and it had a steel (grated) deck. I can
look up the number if you want.

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