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PC: Questions

Question one
We talked about this a while back, but did not explore this
issue - was there more than one shade of PC green.

I am sure I have seen PC cars painted in what must have been
left over NYC jade green.

But in looking at shots of PC cabooses in the same frame of
film, it seems like there may have been two shades of PC
green (discounting NYC green). Or is it just bad weathering?

Question two
does anyone have shots that might show a wood deck on the
N6a/N9 cabooses? I have several shots that hint at that. I
have also seen a print reference to wood decks. The wood may
have been replaced when then propane tanks where removed.

Question three
Does any one have a photo of a N6 transfer caboose or the PC
railroader that had an article about them in it? I am
seeking photo/info for my web page.

Thanks in advance!

Jim Hebner

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