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Re: PC: Modeling PC

At 08:45 PM 9/8/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Eben_Corbiere -AT- infinium.com wrote:
>> Does anyone know of any article in MR, RMC, etc. dealing with modeling PC
>> and/or it's equipment?  
>> Eben
Mark typed........:)

>During the late 80's and into the 90's,  Model Railroading ran some 
>diesel detail projects by Jim Six.  Most of these articles were on 
>Conrail loco's,  but some were done on PC, READING, and the EL.  If I 
>can find the issues I'll reply with the dates and the title of the 
and i replied by looking up some of Mark's issues that are at my place....

Jan 93 "Modelling the N5C Cabin Car", pg.56, J. Six
May 93 "PRR Open Steel Hoppers, H21 and Subclasses", pg. 30, J.
Teichmoeller(He also covers the H25 and H22 classes in the Sep. and Aug.
May 97 E7 PRR and PC G. Melvin


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