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Re: PC: DL in Braintree 9/8/97

In a message dated 97-09-09 11:24:26 EDT, you write:

> Eben,
>  I saw that engine, also!  I have gotten several explanations. The most
>  obvious is it's here for the opening of the Old Colony Line next week. The
>  less obvious is that it has been purchased by a private owner and is on
>  property with permission of Conrail Inc. (the new subsidiary of CSX./NS).
>  have a real reliable source to check with and will let u know REAL SOON.
>  looks good there, though!      ED

The short answer with vague details is:

It's owned by a guy who works for Guilford ( same guy owns some former
B&M passenger cars that he leases out, notably to the green Mountain
in the fall and to the late lamented NS Steam Excursions). It was leased 
to the D-L, hence the paint job. Currently leased to a contractor on the Old
colony rebuilding, hence it's being in Brockton. I believe he bought the unit
from the D&H trustee, although he coulda bought it from Guilford I guess.

There was a bit about this in misc.transport.whatever a couple of months

Doug Trueblood

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