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Re: PC: DL in Braintree 9/8/97

Yup. Not much gets by me in Braintree. Saw it there this morning on the
way in to work. Same place the Sperry Rail Car was in July (couldn't get
pix of it behind the construction site).

I was able to get reasonably close to it when it was parked behind a fence
in Abington a few weeks ago (you have no idea of the argument that started
with my wife. Just taking a few pictures of it was enough to send her into
a tirade over detours to Altoona, Elkhart, etc. during trips to the
midwest). I believe that it is being used on work trains. It was
hauling a train thru Weymouth on Sunday. Does anyone have an idea on its

Saw a "Pandrol-Jackson" rail grinding machine in Abington on Saturday. It
almost looks like a converted switcher.

It was just another paint sceme I've seen in Braintree since 1971. I've
seen NH U25Bs, all manner of PC EMD and GE B units, BAR GP7(9?)s leased by
PC in '71, CR PC-EL-RDG renumberings, CR, Cape Cod and Hyannis exNH/PC
GP-9s 1201 and 1210 (PC#s 7271 and 7280), Cape Cod RR Alco switchers, Fore
River Alcos, Quincy Bay Terminal's S-4, a leased CR blue SW900 (ex
PC?), MBTA locos, and now this unit. A lot of variety for a yard that
rapidly declined after the CR merger and saw very limited activity since

Has it been anyone else's experience that access to PC facilities was easy
relative to CR's rather tight security?


On Tue, 9 Sep 1997 Eben_Corbiere -AT- infinium.com wrote:

> What's the DL stand for?  How about Dinosaur Locomotive!  Actually, it's
> Delaware Lackawanna Alco RS-36 #5019, ex-D&H.  I have this from the highway
> and thought I must be seeing things.  How could it be a locomotive in D&H
> blue & grey?  When I got up close, I found it was lettered for Delaware
> Lackawanna spelled out on the side and "DL" in the yellow shield.  Paint is
> in new condition.  This locomotive has strayed from it's home in Scranton,
> PA (according to the Surviving Alco RS- and S- web site).
> Eben
> Ed B., did you catch this one?

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