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Re: PC: Modeling PC

I believe that MR ran an article on detailing Atlas' RS-11 to better match
New Haven (and PC) locomotives. RMC ran an article in June 1974 on
PC transfer cabooses and how to construct one using an Athearn grain
loading box car. Also, MR or RMC ran an article on '50 PC/CR boxcars in
'95 or '96.


On Mon, 8 Sep 1997 Eben_Corbiere -AT- infinium.com wrote:

> Does anyone know of any article in MR, RMC, etc. dealing with modeling PC
> and/or it's equipment?  I have the last two years of MR and various back
> issues dating to 1989 and not seen a single thing on PC.  I know there are
> as many anti-PC fans as there are PC fans (perhaps more), but there must be
> some articles dating back to the '70s?
> BTW, I just noticed the only PC diesel models in any of the mags I have.
> Page 77 of the August '90 MR has a shot of the HO scale Pasadena Model
> Railroad Club roundhouse with 4 PC units on one of the shop tracks.  Looks
> like they are all stock production models, a F9 with red P (?), U-Bout
> (Athearn U28C?), a GP38 or GP40 (Atlas), and another unidentifiable hood
> unit.
> Eben

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