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PC: Re: PC Hats ex-K&D Hobby Supply

Hello, I got this message about PC hat today on the net.
Can you give me any information about these?  I live in the old B&A area of
the PC and woulf love to have something customized along the lines that you

Thanks in advance.

> From: akteliz <akteliz -AT- fsj.net>
> To: Penn Central  <penn-central -AT- smellycat.com>
> Subject: PC: PC Hats ex-K&D Hobby Supply
> Date: Friday, September 05, 1997 5:43 PM
> Just a quick note:
> I received my two black PC hats from K&D yesterday, and I took them over 
> to the Hat Man in Ft St John to finish them off with a CANADA DIVISION in

> the correct sized font across the top. Although K&D will tell you that 
> there is little or no room left on the face of the hat, there is more 
> than enough to do a division name and terminal above and below the logo. 
> It only cost me an extra $5 CDN per hat, but it was well worth it.
> Adrian
> ********************
> Kim & Adrian Telizyn
> 4-10716 98th St
> Ft St John, BC
> V1J-3W2
> 250-785-6228
> ********************

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