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PC: Re: Cincinnati PRR signals

There are several remaining on the Cincinnati Terminal Railway (I&O). 
The first set, going east on the old PRR (now NS New Castle Dist.) are
located at Mill.  This is where the line goes over the Conrail
(CCC&St.L) Cincinnati Line.  It is quite inaccessible by road, so you
must hike north about a half mile from Reading Road crossing.  The next
set is at Amber (has blue Conrail sign).  Go south on Reading Road,
cross Galbraith & Cross County Hwy. to the Pepsi Bottling plant.  Turn
left and you can't miss the signals.  Really decent shot!  Be sure to
park on the street as Pepsi or P&G will surely throw you off their
property.  The last good set is at Oakley interlocking.  It is located
off Highland Ave. (near Ridge & Lester Road) behind a chemical plant. 
You have to go through the chem plants parking lot to park at the
interlocking.  They are pretty OK with railfans sitting there, just
behave.  It is a really nice set of PRR signals (about 8 are around) and
there is a substantial amount of rail traffic on the line (20-30
trains/24hrs.).  Enjoy!  Tune into 160.440 & 161.385 for radio traffic. 
Eastbound trains call DI Tower in the yard when they go by Mill, so that
will alert you.

Trains run on the old Big 4 primarily in the morning and early
afternoon.  160.800 is the primary frequency with 161.070 being used in
Sharon Yard.  

CSX is busier than a one armed wallpaper hanger with chiggers. 
160.230(road) & 161.100(disp) are the ones to listen to.  Have a fun
trip.  If you are a ham radio operator, the railfans hang out on the
W8YX repeater on 147.060+.  


P.S. - I sent this to the list in case anyone else cared to know where
the PRR signals were.  

shawn o'day wrote:
> We are going on an investigative trip to Cincinnati this weekend.  Does
> anyone know if there are any Pennsy signals left in the area?  Also what
> are the major and minor yards left in the area.  NYC and B&O/C&O info would
> also be informative.
> thanks,
> shawn

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