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Re: PC: 1 Ghost & PC Booklets



        My name is Chris Hauf, and I just joined the PC list server.   I got
your email and if no one has spoken for those various booklets, I would be

        Please let me know.

Until later,

At 07:56 PM 8/26/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Last night I came across an Ann Arbor Train coming through town, around
>midnight, and there was one Conrail 3-bay covered hopper, where the CR was
>almost gone and the PC very visible.  There's also a Pennsylvania cylindrical
>hopper that's commonly seen on the Annie.
>A local antique mall has several booklets ~4"x6" from various railroads
>including PC:
>Uniform Code of Operating Rules, Board of Transportation for Canada, 1962
>P&LE General Rules, 1971
>These Wheels Must turn, Buffalo Div of NYC, Handbook of Safety Practices,
>Ajax Power Hand Brake
>Agreement between NYC Eastern District & Brotherhood of Trainmen, 1936
>NYC Safety Rules, 1965
>Conrail Safety Rules for MOW, 1968
>Erie Lackawanna Safety Rules, 1968
>PC Instructions for Supervisors, 1971
>PC Fire Prevention, 1969
>PC Safety Rules, Dining, Sleeper & Parlor Car Employees, 1968
>PC Safety Rules, Material Management, 1968
>PC Safety Rules, Marine Employees, 1969 (2 copies)
>These dates are when the rules went into effect, and not necessarily when the
>booklets were published.  The shop wants $10 for all of them, so if anyone is
>interested, I'll be glad to pick them up and mail them, e-mail me at
>Icepengwyn -AT- aol.com
>First come first served.

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