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Re: PC: Greetings!

>I just did the stencils
>for our ex-PRR Pullman "Pine Falls", so I know the fun which comes with
>stencil generation by hand.

In case you haven't tried it, the trick to holding the center of the A's,
O's etc. in is to have the center piece complete separated from the rest of
the stencil. Then, set them out on a table. Take a piece of
mechanic's/baling wire and cut it to a length from one side of the stencil,
across the center piece, and onto the other. Then use duct tape to tape it
down to the stencil and to the center. When you spray the paint, you can
angle the flow so it goes right under the wire, and Voila!--no stencil
marks!  I also found that cutting the stencils from manila file folders and
anchoring them to the car with rubber cement, worked just great--no

>        I would love images of any N11 you might have.   Jim Hebner has
>already sent me some great prints to work from, but a few more .jpgs would
>be great.  Maybe I could even post them on our website (with your permission
>and proper photo credit) as part of the history page I am doing on the car.
>P.S.   Where is the caboose you restored today?   Still "in service"
>somewhere I hope.

My car was an NE-6. I'll scan the slides over the weekend. The people at
that railroad had no sense of history (it  was an ex-PC line). They've
since painted it "caboose red", and don't even have it lettered.  They also
ruined the NYC N-7A car that I did. At least it's still boxcar red, but it
now has Southern Michigan Railroad lettering. Yuck!


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