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PC: Re: PC font

>> I have a font called "Euromode" and when used in the bold and italic
>> mode is VERY close to PC lettering
>I had a TrueType font on my system called "Square BdExt 721" which I
>used to produce the graphics on the PC web site, and in bold italic,
>it is almost an exact match. However I lost the file in a system crash,
>and my backup was bad, and I can't find where the original was, so I'm
>trying to find it again myself.... Has anyone seen that font on a
>CD-ROM that I (or Chris) could go buy? Or for that matter, the
>"Euromode" font?

I am sure that the "PC" font must be available from some commercial font
company. The Central Illinois Public Service Company used to use this very
same font on their invoices and envelopes a couple of years ago. Anyone
have access to a font catalog or one of those Adobe Font Library CD's???


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