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Re: PC: Greetings!

Mike Dettmers wrote:

> Christopher R. Hauf wrote:
> >
> >         I am looking to see if anyone has a font on their computer (PC) that
> > matches the PC font, so I can use my computer to help me generate the stencils
> > for the sides and the ends.   The car will be getting on its sides the
> > lettering where the PC and car number are to the left of the window and the
> > PC logo will be to the right.  Pics of sister cars can be found in Jim
> > Hebner's PC caboose archive website.
> I have a font called "Euromode" and when used in the bold and italic
> mode is VERY close to PC lettering

I had a TrueType font on my system called "Square BdExt 721" which I
used to produce the graphics on the PC web site, and in bold italic, 
it is almost an exact match. However I lost the file in a system crash,
and my backup was bad, and I can't find where the original was, so I'm
trying to find it again myself.... Has anyone seen that font on a
CD-ROM that I (or Chris) could go buy? Or for that matter, the 
"Euromode" font?


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