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Re: PC: Greetings!


        Darn!   I have sadly done that too.   Kept something for so long
only to say "What I am going to use that for..." and then after its gone....

        I am hoping the image of the PC logo Jerry has on his website and a
large format ink jet printer I have access to at work will allow me to make
the big PC logo pretty easy and if I get the right font for my computer, the
letters should be just as easy.   So, I think.    I just did the stencils
for our ex-PRR Pullman "Pine Falls", so I know the fun which comes with
stencil generation by hand.  

        I would love images of any N11 you might have.   Jim Hebner has
already sent me some great prints to work from, but a few more .jpgs would
be great.  Maybe I could even post them on our website (with your permission
and proper photo credit) as part of the history page I am doing on the car.

        Anyway, thanks.

Until later,

P.S.   Where is the caboose you restored today?   Still "in service"
somewhere I hope.

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