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Re: PC: Ooops! Sorry.

Peter et al.,

        Thanks for the info on the Flexivans.   Looks like I will have make
some purchases and do some viewing/reading to come up to speed on how they
Certainly would be neat if somehow the right hardware & the right railcar
could be found to rework one of these things, but it sounds like it is
probably not something that will happen easily or inexpensively.   But ya
never lose hope!  :)

        Right now our museum would just be happy to find a good,
interchangeable flat car to use in service at the museum.   (Leads anyone?)
We have a 1907 NYC flat car which I will hopefully get to turn my
restoration attention to next year, but I really don't want to use that
great historical piece in work train service.  :)

        Thanks again.

Until later,


At 09:53 PM 8/27/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Chris, A video called 'The Water Level Route' from Interurban Films 
>has some NYC footage showing how Flexivans worked. They were more 
>akin to containers than Roadrailers. They were designed to be loaded 
>onto the flatcars without special equipment. (Actually, they had the 
>special equipment built right in.)
>The part of the film that's of interest to you appears to be a 
>company produced film.
>Peter King in NY

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