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Re: PC: Greetings!

Christopher R. Hauf wrote:
> Greetings,
>         My name is Chris Hauf, and I am Freight Superintendent for the
> Rochester Chapter NRHS's Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum.
>         I am getting ready to perform the exterior painting of PC transfer
> caboose #18526 (N11) back into Penn Central jade green.   The car will be
> sand-blasted and then painted.   The inside has already been restored to its
> 1969 fresh out of East Rochester (Despatch Car Shops) appearance.
>         I am looking to see if anyone has a font on their computer (PC) that
> matches the PC font, so I can use my computer to help me generate the stencils
> for the sides and the ends.   The car will be getting on its sides the
> lettering where the PC and car number are to the left of the window and the
> PC logo will be to the right.  Pics of sister cars can be found in Jim
> Hebner's PC caboose archive website.
>         If anyone has the font, stencils, or anything else which might help
> me, I would appreciate it.   Jim Hebner and Jerry Jordak have already been
> of great help.   Thanks guys!!!!
>         I already have a bunch of pre-restoration photos on our Museum's
> website and will be posting some new interior photos soon along with pics of the
> repainting.   Please check out our site and the PC caboose on our cabooses
> page in our Virtual Tour.
>         Thanks and I look forward to participating in the PC list.
> Until later,
> Chris
> P.S.  Sorry also for goofing and sending my post about the booklets for sale
> to the list.  Too many different email systems between home and work.   Ughhh!!!

I have a font called "Euromode" and when used in the bold and italic
mode is VERY close to PC lettering

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