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Flexivans (was Re: PC: Ooops! Sorry.)

> Chris, A video called 'The Water Level Route' from Interurban Films
> has some NYC footage showing how Flexivans worked. They were more
> akin to containers than Roadrailers. They were designed to be loaded
> onto the flatcars without special equipment. (Actually, they had the
> special equipment built right in.)

I once saw a book that showed detailed pictures of how this worked, but
I can't remember the name of the book. Basically, there was a miniature
turntable on the flatcar. A trucker backed the Flexivan container 
(while on a bogie, I believ) up to the flatcar, and somehow or other
(can't remember how), pushed the container back onto the flatcar and
over the turntable. The container was locked onto the turntable, and
the trucker manuvered the container around until it was almost straight,
and they might have pushed it the rest of the way around by hand. 

OK, terrible description, I know, but I know the turntable on the
flatcar was an integral part of it. Basically, though, this is also what
doomed the Flexivan because it was such a pain to load and required the
built-in special equipment. The overhead container cranes and the
Mijack-style side-loading cranes worked a lot easier in the long run....


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