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Re: PC: Greetings!

Hi Chris!

I read your message about the PC restoration with interest. I had this very
same problem back in about 1987, when I was restoring an ex-CR NE-6 into PC
green for the Southern Michigan Railroad.

For years and years afterwards (and after I was no longer associated with
the SMR), I had those stencils sitting around. Just a year or two ago I
finally tossed them.  :(

As info, I didn't have any lettering plans. I had to start with an 8X10 B&W
photo of the side of a PC caboose and blow it up many times over on a photo
copier. Then, I slowly freehanded the lettering by tracing over the copies
onto clean paper. From that, I was able to fix the curves and the
straights, and then doing some resizing, based on measurements from the
photo and comparing them to our actual cabin car.

If you would like, I could scan a slide or two to show you what the
finished product looked like. Let me know. (If anyone else on the list
would like the jpeg sent to them via e-mail, let me know, too!)

Jeffrey Dobek
St. Louis, Missouri

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