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PC: Greetings!


        My name is Chris Hauf, and I am Freight Superintendent for the
Rochester Chapter NRHS's Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum.   

        I am getting ready to perform the exterior painting of PC transfer
caboose #18526 (N11) back into Penn Central jade green.   The car will be
sand-blasted and then painted.   The inside has already been restored to its
1969 fresh out of East Rochester (Despatch Car Shops) appearance.

        I am looking to see if anyone has a font on their computer (PC) that
matches the PC font, so I can use my computer to help me generate the stencils
for the sides and the ends.   The car will be getting on its sides the
lettering where the PC and car number are to the left of the window and the
PC logo will be to the right.  Pics of sister cars can be found in Jim
Hebner's PC caboose archive website. 

        If anyone has the font, stencils, or anything else which might help
me, I would appreciate it.   Jim Hebner and Jerry Jordak have already been
of great help.   Thanks guys!!!!

        I already have a bunch of pre-restoration photos on our Museum's
website and will be posting some new interior photos soon along with pics of the
repainting.   Please check out our site and the PC caboose on our cabooses
page in our Virtual Tour.

        Thanks and I look forward to participating in the PC list.

Until later,

P.S.  Sorry also for goofing and sending my post about the booklets for sale
to the list.  Too many different email systems between home and work.   Ughhh!!!

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