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PC: 1 Ghost & PC Booklets

Last night I came across an Ann Arbor Train coming through town, around
midnight, and there was one Conrail 3-bay covered hopper, where the CR was
almost gone and the PC very visible.  There's also a Pennsylvania cylindrical
hopper that's commonly seen on the Annie.

A local antique mall has several booklets ~4"x6" from various railroads
including PC:
Uniform Code of Operating Rules, Board of Transportation for Canada, 1962
P&LE General Rules, 1971
These Wheels Must turn, Buffalo Div of NYC, Handbook of Safety Practices,
Ajax Power Hand Brake
Agreement between NYC Eastern District & Brotherhood of Trainmen, 1936
NYC Safety Rules, 1965
Conrail Safety Rules for MOW, 1968
Erie Lackawanna Safety Rules, 1968
PC Instructions for Supervisors, 1971
PC Fire Prevention, 1969
PC Safety Rules, Dining, Sleeper & Parlor Car Employees, 1968
PC Safety Rules, Material Management, 1968
PC Safety Rules, Marine Employees, 1969 (2 copies)

These dates are when the rules went into effect, and not necessarily when the
booklets were published.  The shop wants $10 for all of them, so if anyone is
interested, I'll be glad to pick them up and mail them, e-mail me at
Icepengwyn -AT- aol.com
First come first served.


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