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PC: When it rains, it pours

I'd been looking for a copy of the PC System Bi-Annual published by PC 
Railroader for about 15 (er, 20) years now and had just about given up hope 
when I found two of 'em listed in the Web. I got mine through the Original 
Whistlestop out here in Pasadena, but Mitchell's Family Store in Delaware 
(sorry, don't have the URL, but they're linked on the major model 
railroading pages) also listed a copy in their database for $50. It's a 
must have for any PC fan.

Also, those PC trailers seem to be especially popular with the wood chip 
haulers as I've seen several (also ex-EL) with smaller square holes cut out 
around the roofline. I also found some trailers at a couple of construction 
sites and was fortunate enough to go back a get a camera.

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