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PC: Fwd: Pennsy passenger units

Back in April, there was a thread on this mailing list about the
difference between PRR Dark Green Locomotive Enamel and PC black, and
someone (I think Gene Fusco) said that some early PC locomotives were
actually painted in PRR Dark Green Locomotive Enamel instead of black.

On Jerry Britton's PRR-Talk mailing list, a similar debate has been going
on, and I mentioned how we learned that some PC locmotives were painted
in PRR Dark Green Locomotive Enamel instead of black. I got the following
repsonse from Rich Orr which I found interesting, and thought I would
pass it along:

SUVCWORR -AT- aol.com wrote:

> This is actually true in a broad sense.  The ALCO C636 (15 units), GE U33C
> and some EMD SD45 units which were ordered by PRR were already painted when
> the merger occurred.  PC was able to stop the lettering of the units and
> accepted them without any logo or name in Dk green locomotive enamel with
> unit numbers only on the number boards.  Reportedly these units were
> repainted black, lettered, numbered and logos applied at Altoona before they
> went into revenue service.
> I have not seen any information on other units being painted DGLE.  Although
> considering the bitter disputes between the red and green teams and the
> availability of DGLE at Altoona, it is would not be unreasonable to have
> found a shop forman expressing himself by using DGLE on PC units.
> Rich Orr

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