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Re: PC: Updates, etc.

In a message dated 97-08-15 05:48:43 EDT, you write:

> Question for the list: A few of the pictures that I have posted or have
>  in the queue are from the PRR's Meadows Yard in Kearny, NJ. Does that
>  yard still exist, and does Conrail still use it, and if so, what for?
>  Just curious. Thanx.

Kearny ( pronounced carny; there was a civil war general w/ the same
spelling and pronounciation) is still in use. I took a trip from Bound Brook
NJ to Selkirk during the 1988 NHRS convention and all the yards along
the way kinda blend together, so my recollection as to the use may be
in error, but I believe it's primarily a intermodal facility.

Great trip by the way, though the folks I worked with at the time thought
I was nuts driving from Massachusetts to NJ so I could take a train to 
Albany NY. Man's gotta do what a man's gotta do :^)


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