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Re: PC: Fw: PC/WM Interchange

In a message dated 97-08-16 09:58:09 EDT, you write:

<< Does anyone have any information on interchange traffic either in the
 > Connellsville (Greenwood) PA or State Line/Cumberland MD areas?  I
 > Conrail abandoned the track south of Roaring Spring, PA, but I don't know
 > if PC ran trains to State Line or just to Bedford, PA.
 > Friends have accused me of being the only Penn Central modeler in the
 > country, but I can see from this group that I'm not alone; hopefully,
 > someone can provide some information on PC/WM interchange.
 >  >>

The PC interchange at State Line was used into the mid 1970's.  The operating
scheme as I understand it was that the PC would come off the branch onto WM
trackage and go into Ridgley Yard where the interchange was completed.

Hope this helps, I model the WM in HO based on Cumberland MD too. 


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