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Re: PC: Forge Interlocking

>Gary Farmer wrote:
>> Hello fellow PC lovers:
>> I am looking for info. on "Forge" interlocking in the Allegheny Division.

Just for the record, I am not a "lover" of the PC, but it was in some ways
an interesting rr. Anyway, FORGE was on its way out at the end of the PRR
era and what is in the #1 PC ett reflects its passing.

Historically, FORGE controlled the jct of the Tyrone forge branch with the
main (the switch was roughly opposite and a little east of the tower, the
tower being on the north side of the tracks). It also controlled the jct of
the Fairbrook br w/ the main. Most important, it was located at the point on
the main where the tracks broadened from 3 to 4 (remember, the 4 track main
narrowed to 3 at SPRUCE) then for a while 5. I'm not sure it controlled the
wye at Tyrone. WILSON did way back, then GRAY in more recent years, but
there may have been a time when FORGE did, tho there wasn't much traffic
using the east leg of that wye, e.g., coming west up the Middle div., then
going to the Bald Eagle branch & vice versa. Most trains came/went in GRAY's
direction on the west leg. The tower was very similar in appearance to GRAY.
Its closing was part of the removal of the 4th main track from FORGE to GRAY
and that was a PRR decision.


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