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Re: PC: Forge Interlocking

Gary Farmer wrote:
> Hello fellow PC lovers:
> I am looking for info. on "Forge" interlocking in the Allegheny Division.
> The Central Region ETT #1 lists it as being a block station for #2 track
> only. Does this mean that there was a tower there? Succeeding timetables
> show Forge as just an interlocking. Was the tower (if there was one) torn
> down & replaced by a smaller building, or was the tower just closed & left
> standing? I am talking about the PC years, not Conrail years. Thanks for
> any help.
> Gary Farmer


I own a head-end video that covers much of the old Allegheny Division,
and at one point the hogger (an old PRR vet) refers to a place called
"Tyrone Forge", and this may be what you are curious about.  It was
located between Spruce interlocking and Tyrone, and controlled the wye
to the Bald Eagle branch at Tyrone and the yard at Tyrone. (after it was
eliminated, its function may have been taken over by Wilson interlocking
west of Tyrone, I believe).  There was a tower there at one time on the
north side, and the operator controlled #5 secondary track (during
four-track main line days) into Tyrone.  After the tower was torn down,
a radio tower was put up in its place.

I hope this helps a little.

Uncle E

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