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PC: Re: Updates, etc.

Hi Jerry,
I'm new to the PC group (about a week or two now) and I wanted to say
thanks for the web site.  Penn Central has always been treated as an ugly
stepchild.  I grew up in Johnstown PA during the PC years, so I've got fond
memories--no allegiance to the Red or Green teams!

I received the Green Frog tapes about 3 days ago.  They are really good! 
The only negative is that after a while I found myself saying, "Oh no,
another passenger train!"  (Some people will complain about anything!)  I
ordered a tape from another company on the Western Maryland (my main road),
but it apparently got stuck in the UPS strike.  I hope it is as good as the
PC ones.

I've got some slides I took in the mid 70's of PC trains.  If I can find
someone with a scanner I'll be glad to share them with the group.

Thanks again,

Paul Berkebile

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