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PC: Proposed WBS railroad chatroom

I don't know if anyone is interested, but a guy posted a message on the
Chaski Railfan Bulletin Board asking for folks to sign a petition for a
new railfan chatroom through the Webchat Broadcasting System
(<wbs.net>).  First you have to come up with a handle and password to
register, but it's easy, and there's no obligation.  Then go to the
"Hobbies-Arts and Crafts" plaza in the "Home and Living" section, click
on "Petition", find "Train Station" on the menu, and click the button to
sign (there are plenty of instructions).  Apparently you have to get a
lot of people to sign up, and this one may not fly, but it might be
worth a shot if enough railfans and modelers show interest.  It's also
not Java-based, like the room in Railserve, so just about any browser
will work.  Just thought I'd pass it along...

Uncle E
andersoncn -AT- orion.branch-co.lib.mi.us

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