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PC: PC RS-3s Reply and Questions

Eben_Corbiere -AT- infinium.com wrote:

Here's a question from a Conrail friend:

Did any of the Penn Central RS-3s make it to Conrail?  If so what paint
scheme were they in?

     I have almost completed a roster of Penn Central RS-3's including the
heritage and disposition of each unit.  I have identified about 1/3 of the
RS-3's that were rebuilt by PC / CR into RS3-MOD's.  I have also identified
all the RS-3's that went to Amtrak.  If your friend has a question about a
specific unit I would be glad to help.  Unfortunately the size of the file
(over 85,000 in WP 6.1) and the limitations of my hardware (and
computer skills) prevent me from sending the entire list.  
     While on the topic of Penn Central locomotives I have a few questions
of my own about PC power, in particular the disposition of  locomotives. 
If anyone knows of a good location to find:
     1. The disposition of CR RS-3's? (Including EL / CNJ / LV / L&HR /
     2. What were the #'s of the SD45's that were purchased by the
          C&NW from CR in the 1980's? 
     3. What were the #'s of the GP40's that were purchased by KCS? 
          (later some were rebuilt by MK)
     Any help would be appreciated.

Bob Holzweiss
"Robert.Holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov"

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