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PC: Auction, Videos-Photos

WB Productions, 3-Tape Series
Historical; Features of the Pennsylvania Railroad, 5-Tapes
Power Volume II
Pennsylvania Railroad Steam in Action -  Crestline Studios
L&N 152 (3 Copies)
Steam Around the World
The Cass Scenic Railroad
Arkansas Steam
The South African Railway Films of Denny Trueman
Assault on Asheville
NKP 765 -  Greg Scholl
Great American Train Rides
Saluda Mountain (2 Copies)
Trains Unlimited 1997 Preview of Tours
The Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch into the 1990's
Steam Shortlines of the South
Dream Trains, Short Hops & Whistle Stops
Island Time Warp, Trains of Cuba (2 Copies)
Greg Scholl Videos:
     Steam By the Ocean
     A New Beginning
     Steam Runs Daily
     Full Throttle Cumbres
     The Final Chapter
     Double Track Main
     The Bethlehem Line
     BCR 3716: Royal Hudson Double Header
     The Great Little Train from Down Under
     Garratts of Zimbabwe
     BC Rail
     China Mixed Freight
Cincinnatti 611
The Legend Continues
Union Pacific - Cecil B. De Mill's
Great Steam Trains - Volume 1
Miscellanous Transfers:
     Virginia and Truckee Nevada Northern
     NRHS Conv Spec 765
          Huckelberry RR Flint Michigan
     PRR Columbus Division
           PRR Horshoe Curve
     NW1218 Trip From Portsmith Ohio

B. Railroad Artifacts
RA01 Electric Lantern
RA02 Marker Light with 3 Lenses
RA03 Marker Light with 3 Lenses
RA04 Marker Light Bracket
RA05 Marker Light Bracket
RA06 Pennsylvania RR Engine Keystone       
     #150, Serial # on back is X18183
RA07 Cast Iron "Whistle" Marker, 
     # on Back M53845, Black and White, 14x16 inches
RA08 Terre Haute Metal Station Sigh, 

L01  Lantern:  "G.R. & L. Ry", "January 26, 1909"
     Globe:    Red, "P.C.C. & StLRy"
L02  Lantern:  "Pennsylvania Line"
     Globe:    Clear with Keystone ,"P S"
L03  Lantern:  "V.R.R." Vandalia Railroad 
     Globe:    Clear "V.R.R."
L04  Lantern:  T.H. & I.R.R.
     Globe:    Blue,  "T.H. & I.R.R."
L05  Lantern:  Gold, for Presentations
     Globe:    Blue
     Globe:    Clear with Raised PRR Keystone_
L07  Lantern:  "V.R.R." Vandalia Railroad
     Globe:    Clear "V.R.R." (same as L03)
L08  Lantern   "IU.RY"
     Globe:    Clear
L09  Lantern:  "C.C.C. & ST.L.RY."
     Globe:    Clear, "Dietz", Pear Shaped
L10  Lantern:  Silver, 1923
     Globe:    Clear, "ICRR
L11  Lantern:  Adlake Kero, No Inscription
L12  Lantern:  "PRR" Keystone Stamp
     Globe:    Red, "PRR" in Raised Letters

N 01 Miscellaneous Photos/ Postcards
N 02 "Photos 8x10, 5x7"  Over 150 Prints
N 03 Engine Photos, B&O, C&O, Monon, Over 100 Prints
N 04 "PRR 5x7 8x10" Engine Photos, Stations, Calendar Photos
N 05 "PRR 5x7 8x10" 48 photos Business Car,GG1s,Box Car 
     Converted into Passenger Cars
N 06 "Photos 5x7 8x10" Train Wrecks, Nickle Plate
N 07 "PRR 5x7 8x10"
N 08 "PRR Photos", over 50 photos, B&W Steam and Diesel,20's,to 40's,
     St. Clair Engine House
N 09 "Photos", over 120 photos Rio Grande Photos
N 10 Over 50 Engine Photos
N 11 "PRR Lines West of Pittsburgh, Compendium of Joint
     Announcements, 1904." Xerox Copy
N 13 "Richmons Ind,  Xenia Ohio, Dayton Ohio, Logansport IND",
     Over 50 B&W Photos
N 14 "Foreign Locomotives" Over 80 Photos

PA 01 Pennsylvania Railroad Passes
     1918,20,21,35, 39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,
PA 02 Misc 3x5's Bridges, Stations, Train Wrecks

Roger Hensley
rhensley -AT- ecicnet.org

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Information Systems Specialist - Ball State University  - Muncie, IN
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