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PC: Auction in Indianapolis

     A few days ago I was asked by Dave Tozer (dtozer -AT- iquest.net)
     if there was anything that I could do to help spread the word
     about a number of Railroadiana and model items that were going to
     be auctioned off. Dave felt that there were a number of items
     that might interest railfans and modelers alike and he wanted to
     help his brother-in-law. I asked him for a list of some of the
     items that were going to be in the auction as just saying there
     was an auction wouldn't mean anything. That was on the 7th.
     Yesterday, I received the following note along with 10 pages of
     Railroadiana, books, lanterns, switch keys, etc.

     I am breaking that list down into sections for posting and will
     lead each section with the word auction in case you wish to
     delete them without reading.


Date sent: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 22:35:58 -0400 (EDT) From:     
DrBob76 -AT- aol.com Subject:   Estate Sale To:       
00rphensley -AT- bsuvc.bsu.edu

Dear Sir:

The estate sale of Robert A. Frederick, Sr. a retired engineer from
the PRR will be held in Indianapolis IN on July 26 at 8417 Lindbergh
Drive.  The sale will be handled by Terry Royality 317-862-6540.

I have attached a partial list of the items.


Robert A. Frederick, Jr.


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