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PC: Auction, Switch Keys & Locks

A    A+SABRy        Atlanta+StAndrews Bay Ry 
A    AC+HB               
A    ACL   34135    Atlantic Coast Line 
A    ACL  EH 20313  Atlantic Coast Line 
A    ANRR  911 S         
A    ARR   6282     Alaska RR 
A    AT+SFRy    53817    Sante Fe  
A    AT+SFRYS   99574    Atchison-Topeka+Santa Fe 
B    B+O  A16732    Baltimore + Ohio    
B    B+O  E2173     Baltimore + Ohio    
B    B+O L STA Baltimore + Ohio Local Sta
B    B+ORR          Baltimore + Ohio    
B    B+ORRCO    59575    Baltimore and Ohio  
B    B+ORRCO    111025   Baltimore + Ohio    
B    B+ORRCO    120747   Baltimore + Ohio    
B    BAR   D237     Bangor+Aroostook    
B    BC Rail        British Columbia RR 
B    BC+G      Buffalo Creek+Gauley     
B    Belt       9905     Belt Ry of Chicago  
B    BN INC         Burlington Northern 
B    BN INC         Burlington Northern 
B    BN INC         Burl Northern Inc   
B    BN INC         Burlington Northern Inc  
B    BSFSRY              
B    Burlington Route 228127 Burlington 
B    Burlington Route    Chicago Burlington+Quincy     
B    Burlington Route    Chicago-Burlington+Quincy     
C    C.C.&.L.RR          
C    C+EI  3272     Chicago and Eastern Illinois 
C    C+EI  8640     Chicago+Eastern Illinois 
C    C+EI  4633     Chicago+Eastern Illinois 
C    C+I   729 Cambria + Indiana   
C    C+N DIV        Baltimore + OHIO    
C    C+N DIV        Baltimore + OHIO    
C    C+NW      Chicago+Northwestern     
C    C+NW      Chicago Northwestern     
C    C+NW      Chicago Northwestern     
C    C+O   A155     Chesapeake and Ohio 
C    C+O   12512    Chesapeake+Ohio     
C    C+O   16251    Chesapeake+Ohio     
C    C+SRy      2574     Colorado + Southern 
C    C+WI  2279     Chicago + Western indiana     
C    C+WI  6262     Chicago + Western Indiana     
C    C+WMMR         Chicago+Western Michigan-Chesapeake+Ohio 
C    CAS       Chicago-Attica+Southern  
C    CCC+StL        Cleveland-Cincinnati-Chicago+St Louis   
C    CCC+StL   32344     Cleveland-Cincinnati-Chicago+St Louis 
C    CCC+StL        Cleveland Cincinatti Chicago+StLouis
C    CFNM  1631     F C Nacional Mexicano-Mexican National Ry
C    CH+DRR     22-2     Cincinnati-Hamilton+Dayton - B+O
C    CH+DRy     2244S    Cincinnatti Hamilton+Dayton -B+O
C    CI+E  1381     Chicago-Indiana+Eastern
C    CIPSCO            Central Illinois Public Service (Interurban) C 
  CIRy  917 Central Indiana C    CMStP+P        Chicago-Milwaukee-St.
Paul + Pacific C    CMStP+P        Chicago-Milwaukee-St. Paul +
Pacific C    CMStP+P        Chicago Milwaukee-St. Paul+Pacific C   
CNR       Cnadian National C    CNR-S          Canadian National C   
CNRR      Cincinnati Norther RR- New York Central C    CNS+M         
Chicago-North Shore+Milwaukee C    CoGRR          Central of Georgia C
   CPR-S          Canadian Pacific C    CPR-T          Canadian
Pacific C    CRI+P          Chicago-Rock Island + Pacific C    CRR  
2176     Clinchfield C    CRR   1428     Clinchfield RR C    CSS  
1926     Chicago-South Shore + South Bend C    CTA       Chicago
Transet Authority C              Central Indiana
------------------------------------------- D    D+H       Deleware +
Hudson D    D+RGW          Denver+Rio Grande Western D    D+SL     
Denver+Salt Lake D    DL+CRR         Dayton Lebanon+Cincinnati - Penna
D    DM+IR          Duluth-Massible+Iron Range D    DT+I  84  Detriot
Toledo + Irontown D    DTI   75  Detriot Toledo+Ironton
------------------------------------------- E    EBT       East Broad
Top E    EBTRR          East Broad Top E    EJ+E  12828    Elgin
Joliet+Eastern E    Erie RR    5242     Erie RR
------------------------------------------- F    FCCNdeM    21110   
National Railway of Mexico F    FEC       Flordia East Coast F   
Frisco         StLouis - San Francisco
------------------------------------------- G    GB+W  1050     Green
Bay+Western G    GMRR      Gainsville Midland G    GN RY      G1655   
Great Northern RT G    GNRY  A47 Great Northern Ry G    GR+IRY    
2415     Grand Rapids+Indiana  -Penna G    GRN+LSRR  Grand
Rapids-Newaygo-Lake Shore-Chesapeake+Ohio G    GTW       Grand Trunk
Western G              Gettysburg
------------------------------------------- I    ICRR      Illinois
Central I    ICRR  21096    Ill Central I    IHB       Indiana Harbor
Belt I    IHBRR      16866    Indiana Harbor Belt
------------------------------------------- J    JCL       Jersey
Central Lines ------------------------------------------- K    K+IT 
1325     Kentucky+Indiana Terminal
------------------------------------------- L    L+M   358
Linchfield+Madison L    L+N   23575    Louisville and Nashville L   
L+N       Louisville + Nashville L    L+NRR      5740     Louisville +
Nashville L    LE+WRR     2925     Lake Erie+Western - NKP-N+W L   
LE+WRtCo   5431     Lake Erie+Western L    LIRR  Z266     Long Island
L    LNA+CRR        ?? L    LNE       ?? L    LO   R2664     ?? L   
LVRR C6416     Lehigh Valley
------------------------------------------- M    MCCRRR        
McCloud River RR M    MCRR      Michigan Central M    MCRR     
Michigan Central M    MCRR  C   Michigan Central M    MK+TRy        
Missouri-Kansas+Texas M    MN+SRY        
Minneapolis-Northfiled+Southern M    MOPAC      630 Missouri Pacific M
   MOPAC      61332    Missouri Pacific M    MRR   581 ?Montour M   
MRS       Manufacturers Ry M    MRY   E319     Monongahela M    MTM  
19T462   Minneasota Transport Museum
------------------------------------------- N    N+PBL      1148    
Norfolf+Portsmith Beltline N    N+W   13726    Norfolk+Western
(Wabash) N    N+W   7466S    Norfolk+Western N    N+W   42684   
Norfolk+Western N    N+W   18441    Norfolk+Western (Small Key) N   
N+W   19012    Norfolf+Western N    NdeM      National of Mexico N   
NH+IRR         New Hope + Ivyland N    NKP   14904    Nickel PLate N  
 NKP   10312    Nickle Plate N    NS        Norfolk Southern N   
NY+LB          New York+Long Beech N    NYCS      Toledo+Ohio Central
(2 keys) N    NYCS (Steel)   New York Central (2 Keys) N    NYCS     
New York Central N    NYCS      New York Central System N             
Northwest Pacific ------------------------------------------- P   
P?PU RR        ?? P    P+E   71  Peoria+Eastern P    P+LE  K2908   
Pittsburgh+Lake Erie P    PANHANDLE  LO1082   Pennsylvania P    PC    
   Penn Central P    PC        Penn Central P    PCanal    PRR111   
Panama Canal (Panama RR) P    PCC+StL        Pennsylvania (Williams) P
   PCRR      Penn Central (Broken) P    PCRR      Penn Central P   
PENNA     A707 Pennsylvania P    PENNA     C 2243H   Pennsylvania P   
PENNA     C1388     Pennsylvania P    PENNA     SWR 3263  Pennsylvania
P    PENNA     W 3943M   Pennsylvania P    PENNA     W3763S   
Pennsylvania P    PENNA     CTD1506   Pennsylvania P    PMRy  6932    
Pere Marquete - Chesapeake + Ohio P    PPL  TH1120    Pittsburgh Power
and Light Co. P    PRR  E2867M    Pennsylvania, PRR (GEO SPRINGER) P  
 PRR       Pennsylvania P    PRR       Pennsylvania P    PRSL     
Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines P         E2705M    Pennsylvania P
        SWR 3237  Pennsylvania (L. Brasher)
------------------------------------------- R              Red
River+Gulf ------------------------------------------- S    SANTE FE  
14343    Sante Fe S    SCLRR          Seaboard Cost Line S    SD+AE   
      San Diego+Arizona Eastern S    SEABOARD   17192    Seaboard Air
Line RR S    SIRY  773 Southern Indiana S    SIRy  790 Souther Indiana
Ry S    SOO LINE       SOO LINE (Wisconsin Central) S    SOO LINE     
 SOO LINE S    SRy   WS  Southern Ry S    SSW   15672    StLouis
Southwestern S    StLP+NRR       StLouis-Peoria+Northern-Ill Central+G
M+O ------------------------------------------- T    T+TRR      995
Tama+Toledo(Abandon) or Toledo Terminal T    TCRR      Tennesee
Central T    TENN RY        Tennessee RY T    TP+W  836
Toledo-Peoria+Western T    TRRA  1826     Term RR ASSN (St. Louis) T  
 TSRRy      S435 T    TSTL+W     233     
Toledo-StLouis+Western(Clover Leaf)
               Nickel PLate
T    TStL+WRR   2562     Toledo St. Louis+Western(Clover Leaf)
               Nickel PLate   

U    UP        Union Pacific
U    UPRR      Union Pacific 
V    VRR  C-142     Vandalia - PENNA
V    VRR  B-524     Vandalia - PENNA
W    WABASH     4373     Wabash
W    WK+S  1378     Wanamaker-Kempton+Southern
W    WMRy  8838S    Western Maryland
W    WRR   8287S    Wabash
Y    YALE  24291    Southern Ry Switch Key
V    VR        Victoria Railway (So. Australia)
               (in Lock)      
P    PENNA     W2699M    Pennsylvania (With Lock)
P    PRR   867 Pennsylvania (With Lock)
P         B7036R    Pennsylvania (Williams)(With Lock)


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