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RR01 "Pocket Guide to American Locomotives," by W.A. Lucas,
     Simmonds Boardman., 1953
RR02 "A Century of Locomotives 1855-1955,
     New South Wales Railways,, 1855-1955,"
     by The Australian Railway Society, 1955.
RR03 "Cavalcade of New Zeland Locomotives,"
     by A.N. Palmer and W.W. Stewart,
RR04 "Locomotives and Trains of Kansas City Southern
     Louisana & Arkansas Railways," by A.E. Brown
RR05 "Popular Picture and Plan Book of Railroad Cars and
     Locomotives," by Walter A. Lucas, 1951
RR06 "Little Railways of the World," by Frederick Shaw, 1958.
RR07 "Train Wrecks," by Robert C. Reed, Bonanza Books
RR08 "Monon The Hooser Line," by Dolzal, Interurban Press.
RR09 "Monon the Hooser Route," by George W. Hilton,
     Howell-North Books
RR10 "Pensy Power." by Alvin F. Stauffer
RR11 "Pensy Power II," by Alvin F. Stauffer and Bert Pennypacker. RR12
"Pensy Power III," by Alvin F. Stauffer. RR13 "THe Pennsylvania
Railroad, 1940's-1950's," by Don Ball Jr.,
     Elm Tree Books.
RR14 "The Growth and Development of the Pennsylvania Railroad
     Company, 1846-1926, by H.W. Schotter, 1927.
RR15 "Centennial History of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company,
     1846-1946," by Burgerr and Kennedy, 1949.
RR16 "Trains in Transition, by Lucius Beebe, Bonanza Books.
RR17 "Steam Locomotives of the Burlington Route,"
     by Corbin and Kerka, First Edition.
RR18 "Rails Under the Mighty Hudson," by Cudahy,
     Stephen Greene Press.
RR19 "Highball, A Pagent of Trains," by Lucius Beebe,
     Appleton Century
RR20 "On the Main Line - The Pennsylvania Railroad in the 19th
     Century," by Edwin P. Alexander, Bramhal House.
RR21 "Highliners - A Railroad Album," by Lucius Beebe,
     Bonanza Books.
RR22 "The Wreck of the Penn Central," by Daughten and Binzen.
RR23 "Railways in the Transistion From Steam," O.S. Nock
RR24 "Handbook of American Railroads," by Robert G. Lewis
RR25 "Train Wreck," by Wesley S. Griswold,
     Steven Greene Press, 1969.
RR26 "Louisville & Nashville Railroad, 1850-1963,"
     by Kincaid A. Herr
RR27 "Erie Power," by Frederick Westing
RR28 ""B&O Power 1829-1964," by Lawrence Sagle
RR29 "Great Trains of the World," by Wyatt Blassingame.
RR30 "Steam Trains of the Soo," by Leslie V. Suprey
RR31 "A Picture History of B&O Motive Power,"
     by Lawrence W. Sagle, Simmons Boardman Publishing.
RR32 "Model Railroader Cyclopedia 1944," Kalmback Publishing
RR33 "American Locomotives," A Pictorial History of Steam Power
     1900-1950, by Edwin P. Alexzander.
RR34 "The Pennsylvania Railroad - A Pictoral History,"
     by Edwin Alexander, W.W. Norton Company.
RR35 "I Remember Pennsy," by Don Wood
RR36 "Pennst Steam and Semaphores, by Fred Westing
RR37 "Ride by the River, Visit the past on America's largest
     two-foot gauge railroad, " by Cornwall and Farrell.
RR38 "Narrow Gauge to Central and Silver Plume: Colorado Rail
     Annual Number Ten," by Cornelius W. Hauck.
RR39 "Steam Trains, " by Colin Garratt
RR40 "Rails Across the Midlands," by Richard J. Cook.
RR41 "Narrow Gauge in the Rockies," by Lucius Beebe and
     Charles Clegg, Howell North Press.
RR42 "Mexican Narrow Gauge," by Gerald M. Best.
RR43 "Train Wrecks," by RObert C. Reed, Bonanza Books.
RR44 "The Last of Steam," by Joe G. Collins, Howell-North Press.
RR45 "The Virginia Railway," by H. Reid, Kalmbach Publishing.
RR46 "Steam Power of the New York Central System -
     Volume I Modern Power 1915-195, by Alvin F. Stauffer,
     First Printing.
RR47 "The Nickel Plate Story," by John A Rehor, 482 pages.
RR48 "The Age of Steam," Lucuis Beebe and Charles Clegg,
     Rinehart and Company, 304 pages.
RR49 "Chicago and Northwestern Steam Power - 1848-1956,
     Classes A-Z, by C. T. Knudsen, Knudsen Publications,
     188 pages.
RR50 "Mixed Train Daily, by Lucius Beebe and C. M Clegg, Jr,
     E.P. Dutton Press, (note: both authors' autographs in front
     of book), 365 pages.
RR51 "Articulated Steam Locomotives of North America," by Robert
     A. LeMassena, Sundance Books, 416 Pages.
RR 52 "Rails Through Dixie - A Classic Album of Southern
     Railroading," by John Krause, Golden West Books.
RR53 "Railroads of Nevada and Eastern California Vol. 2 -
     The Southern Roads, by F. Myrick, Howell-North Books,
     1963, 933 pages.
RR54 "Steam Locomotives and Boats - Southern Railway System,"
     by Richard E. Prince, 204 pages.
RR55 "Louisville & Nashville Steam Locomotives,"
     by Richard E. Prince, 128 pages.
RR56 " The Bessemer and Lake Erie Railraos 1869-969,"
     by Roy C. Beaver, Golden West Books, 184 pages.
RR57 "Bradford the Railroad TOwn -A Railroad Town History of
     Bradford Ohio -A Pennsylvania Railroad Town,"
     by Scott D. Trostel, (autographed by author, 152 pages.
RR58 "C&O Power - Steam and Diesel Locomotives of the Chesapeake
     and Ohio Railway 1900-1965, Shuster, Huddleston, and
     Stauffer, Carrallton Standard Printing, 351 pages.
RR59 "North American Steam Locomotives: The Northerns, "
     by Jack W. Farrell and Mike Pearsall, 248 pages.
RR60 "The Detriot, Toledo and Irontown Railroad -Henry Ford's
     Railroad," by Scott D. Trostel, (with autograph of author),
     312 pages.
RR61 "Wabash," by Donald J. Heimburger, 320 pages.
RR62 "Ghost Railroads of Tennessee," by Elmer G. Sulzer.
RR63 "Ghost Railroads of Kentuckey, by Elmer G. Sulzer.
RR64 "Ghost Railroads of Indiana," by Elmer G. Sulzer
RR65 "The Railroad Caboose," by William F. Knapke,
     Golden West Books.
RR66 "Ghost Railroads of Sarasoda County (Paperback),"
     by Elmer G. Sulzer, 1971.
RR67 "Abandon Railroads of Bedford," Elmer J. Sulzer.
RR86 Over 60 Additional Micellaneous paperback books on
     Pennsylvania and other railroads.
RR97 "Steam's Finest Hour," by David P. Morgan
RR98 "World Railways," by Henry Sampson,
     Rand McNally Company, 1951.
RR99 "Japhanese Train Books (3 Books in Japanese)


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