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Re: PC: site listed! and other administravia

Jim Hebner wrote:
> this is to let everyone know that Jerry's PC site was listed in this
> months Railroad Model Craftsman as part of an internet and railroading
> article.
> Congrats Jerry!

Thanks! Actually, I wasn't even aware of the RMC article. Guess I'll
have to make a trip to the hobby shop tomorrow and pick up a copy.

A few of other things, as long as I'm using bandwidth:

First of all, an apology for not updating the web site as much as I
should have lately. I just haven't had much time. Work has kept me
busy, and when the weather has been good on weekends, I've been off
railfanning. Somebody's got to get the shots! :-)

I am going to be doing some major work on the Photo Galleries. I have
been getting some complaints that on the pages with a large number of
thumbnails, they load too slow. Considering that I have over 30 new
images in the queue to add, the problem is only going to get worse.
Therefore, some of the larger galleries, like the Eastern Region,
are going to get broken down into several smaller subpages. Also, I
realized a few days ago that with the expanding size of the site,
I don't have any good navigation links on any of the pages. I will
be adding some in the near future, as time permits.

Scott Housman sent me information on some new Penn Central hats and
shirts available through K&D Distributing. I will make sure that this
information gets posted soon, and I will let you all know when it is

Those of you who read the Usenet newsgroup alt.binaries.pictures.rail
may have seen the large number of photos posted by Harv Kahn. He has
given me permission to use his PC photos, so those are part of the
30 images waiting to be added. If you haven't seen them, these are some
good pictures, and worth waiting for.

Lastly, the mailing list now has over 100 subscribers! I had no idea
this would happen when I started the mailing list (which was exactly
7 months ago today). Thanks to all of you for your interest and
your support of the mailing list and the web site.


Jerry W. Jordak               The boxcars and flatbeds, whistle blowin' steam
mailto:jer@smellycat.com      That was yesterday
http://prozac.cwru.edu/jer/   Now those big trains don't come anymore
Acts 16:31   <><                  -- Restless Heart, "Big Iron Horses"

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