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Re: PC: ADMIN--Shutoff of email from erols.com

I'll remove the block tomorrow and put together a message for the wonderful
management at erols.com.

You can then mail it out to the erols people on the PC list. It will be
some sort of warning that if the junk mail continues they will be blocked
for good. I hate to cause a problem for your mailing list.

>[This message is going to all Penn Central Mailing List subscribers
>from the erols.com domain.]
>I have some bad news for you:
>The server which hosts the PC Mailing List today was set to reject all
>incoming mail from the erols.com domain. Apparently, some of the users
>on our server have been getting harassed by spam email. They've been
>getting subscribed to mailing lists they never subscribed to, and
>when they have tried to get removed, they get harassed with more junk
>mail in return. All of this has come from the erols.com domain. After
>complaining to the admins at Erols and getting no help there (and still
>more junk email), one of the system admins decided enough was enough
>and shut off all incoming email from the erols.com domain.
>This means that as of right now, you can't post to the PC Mailing List.
>When I found out about this, I discussed the matter with our admins,
>and while they're willing to work with me on this, the block for your
>ISP is still in place as of right now. Hopefully we can get this
>resolved within a couple of days, but in the meantime, any mail you
>try to send to me or the mailing list will bounce.
>I am sorry that this happened, but I am confident that this will be
>worked out. In the meantime, since it appears that your ISP doesn't
>seem to care about users sending junk mail, I would complain to them
>and tell them to get on the stick, because I am sure that this isn't
>going to be the last time that system admins will block domains that
>are lax on spam mail, even if legitimate users are involved. If you
>have any questions on this, you can reach me at this alternate
>address: jwj2 -AT- po.cwru.edu. Hopefully soon I can get this ironed out
>for you.
>Jerry W. Jordak               The boxcars and flatbeds, whistle blowin' steam
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