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Re: PC: Modeling PC- MP-54s and more questions??

> From:          "Gene Chase" <echase -AT- www.netlabs.net>
 Dennis Bingham told us
> that
> there was a big commuter  fuss when the first PRR Tuscan MP-54 was
> repainted some olive green color, not PC jade green, and so that car was
> subsequently repainted again.  Dennis didn't have any pictures or numbers,
> but even some additional  MP-54 numbers would be a help.  Also looking for
> a source of HO "worm"decals 0.128 inch and 0.2 inch high.  Thanks.
Let me make this perfectly clear....
When PC rolled out its first green MP54. It was painted jade green.  
The public outcry forced them to paint the subsequent cars the olive 
shade.  The car at Strasburg is in such color.

Dennis Bingham

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