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Re: PC: Fwd: PC Canadian GP-7's and 9's Spark Arrestors

>Forwarded message:
>Subject: PC Canadian GP-7's and 9's Spark Arrestors
>Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 22:47:15 -0400
>From: "Credit Valley Railway Co." <cvrco -AT- globalserve.net>
>Anyone out there have a decent overhead shot of the strange half-moon spark
>arrestors seen on many of the Canadian built Geep 7 and 9's.  I have yet to
>come across a decent picture of said device and it's making it difficult to
>model these locos accurately.  From the pictures I have seen it doesn't
>appear that the arrestors were an NYC thing.  Maybe some of you folks in
>the old PC Northern Region (Michigan) can help me out?
>Dave Hughes dhughes -AT- cvrco.com

	Have you looked for as-built photos of the Geeps that the NYC
bought for the CSR from the C&O for use in Canada? Contact a Mr Bill Sharpe
in Hamilton, ON ( 9 Windermere Ave). He's a good friend of mine and would
likely have photos.  Email Lance Brown(a CPR RTC), also of Hamilton, at
/ou1=bro0244_ -AT- mhs-merlin.attmail.com  to ask him to look thru his late
dad's photo collection. He literally LIVED at E&O Tower and took lots of
roof shots. Frank Butler, the last E&O Tower operator is still alive and
well. Both Bill and Lance know how to contact him. He has lots of info too.


Adrian Telizyn & Kim Lawson
4-10716 98 ST
Ft St John, BC
Cellulars 250-787-6817, 250-262-9789

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