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PC: Re: survey of interest levels

As a Canadian Penn Central fan...and modeller and a collector of
CSR/Canadian MCRR, Canadian NYC and of course PC stuff...I think a CSR
website would be fantastic.  If there's anyway I can help let me know. 

Dave Hughes
co-owner The Credit Valley Railway Co.  (all-rail hobby shop in
Mississauga, Ont. Canada)

> From: adrian & kim <a&kteliz -AT- fsj.net>
> To: cjolliff -AT- mgl.ca; penn-central@smellycat.com; tjackson@netbistro.com;
jones -AT- cn.ca
> Subject: PC: survey of interest levels
> Date: June 11, 1997 1:32 PM
>         I was wondering if there would be a high enough interest level
> there to warrant the establishment of a Canada Southern Railway website.
> It would cover the MCRR, NYC, PC, CR and CPCNND eras. It is NOT intended
> compete with the existing PC page, but rather to complement it. Don't you
> ever wonder what happened on the Canadian side of the Niagara and Detroit
> Rivers? RSVP
> Adrian
> a&kteliz -AT- fsj.net
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