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Greetings from Japan, 
                                 Yes, I'm far away from my home, Milroy PA,
near Lewistown, so I'm very interested to here/correspond with anyone about
the PC.  No, not the best of roads, but one I grew up close to and
certainly have a fondness of familiarity at the very least.  I was 16 in
1976 and had just started railfanning in earnest with Conrail took over,
but I have many memories of just watching trains in Lewistown and with Mr
Miller in Lewis tower on the weekends!  Also, all through my younger years
when my family lived near Trafford Pa (near Pittsburgh), I spent several
weeks each summer with my grand parents in Naginey PA on the Milroy branch.
 The evening routine was to "wash for supper", then sit on the back porch
waiting for the daily run on the branch to the huge limestone quarry for
Bethlehem Steel limestone shipped to Sparrows Point.  If any one out there
has more information, or would like to discuss this rather interesting PC
branch operation, including Standard Steel, give me a yell.  Also, my
Grandfather worked until retirement in Pleasant Gap PA at the large lime
plant, referred to as Centre Lime in some recent years.  He operated the
trackmobile there, spotting covered hoppers for loading.  Today the plant
still  operates, serviced by Nittany & Bald Eagle.  Anxious to here from
interested PC fans, and to see what of interests can be seen on the net
from here in Japan.

Matta, ne (see you later!)
David Benn (Dave)

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