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    Gene -

<< I don't recall ever seeing one of these... (BN runs right through the
middle of Ft Collins) I have seen one of the NRLX cars out here in Colorado.
 Funny how these things travel. >>

  I've seen a lot of these cars, but then I'm right near the BNSF (ex-BN)
yard in Cicero.  My data base lists the BN series as 464400-464860 and
464861-464917, with a note that most came to the BN "from CR via RFMX."
  Like the car I saw Sunday, a lot are rich brown, deriving their color from
Conrail, but I've seen just as many in jade green.  The most striking LOs are
those with half the brown paint worn away revealing the original jade green
paint scheme underneath.  On some of these, one notices the BN reporting
marks, plus Conrail logos, plus large letters reading "Penn Central."

    Tom Jelinek
    Bx39crle -AT- aol.com


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